Czech Republic to receive FiT reduction



The Czech Republic’s Prime Minister, Jan Fischer, has called for a cut in the amount of incentives available for renewable energy in the country. These possible cuts follow similar news from France, Germany and Italy this year reports E15.

The Minister says that a cut to feed-in tariff prices is a ‘priority’ in the country, as without it the current boom of solar projects could lead to a ‘significant’ increase in electricity prices for consumers.

According to Fischer, the whole system of support for solar energy has been wrongly priced from the beginning. “It’s a huge lesson,” said Fischer. “Therefore, in a number of laws which should be approved, (this should be) number one.”

Due to the guaranteed prices set by the Energy Regulatory Authority for suppliers in the country, solar power has become one of the most profitable investments in the Czech Republic.  

The proposal to cut the rates is currently before parliament, and has not been officially passed.

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