E2 states clean energy jobs on the rise in 2012



Contrary to figures published by Bloomberg early last week announcing global clean energy investment was down by 22% Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) has published a report in defiance stating that nearly 50,000 clean energy jobs have been created in the US alone, through approximately 137 project proposals in Q1 2012.

The report, What Clean Energy Jobs? These Clean Energy Jobs! is compiled from formal job vacancy announcements and media reports. They include projects and programmes in various stages of development mainly in the manufacturing, energy, biofuels and public transportation sectors.

The E2 report comes as the US congress and some state legislatures debate whether to cancel a wide range of clean energy incentives and programs. Bloomberg stated that the outcome of these decisions, alongside the legislative turmoil in Europe, could make or break the clean energy sector.

Below is a summary of the E2 report:

  • Wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and other renewable energy sectors announced 68 projects that together would create more than 18,000 jobs.
  • Many of the first-quarter job announcements were connected to federal, state or local projects, ranging from building and home efficiency programs in Chicago and Wisconsin to a county-backed solar farm in Florida.
  • Clean energy job announcements have no political or regional boundaries. A total of 70 announcements were in Republican congressional districts; 54 were in Democratic districts and 13 spanned more than one congressional district.
  • Connecticut led all states in terms of total clean energy jobs announced in the quarter. Other big states include Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina and Texas.

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