Entergy Louisiana seeks approval to add 3GW of solar PV to portfolio


This is the second approval Entergy Louisiana has sought this month to add solar capacity to its portfolio. Image: Unsplash.

US power distribution company Entergy Louisiana has sought approval to add 3GW of solar PV power to its generation mix in Louisiana.

The company filed a request with the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) to approve the addition of solar power capacity to its generation portfolio.

This is the second time this month the power distribution company sought approval with the LPSC to add solar capacity, as it aimed to acquire two projects with a total capacity of 225MW earlier this month.

Collectively, 3,225 megawatts of solar power are in the approval queue for potential construction, development and placement on the grid through agreements with Entergy Louisiana.

Phillip May, president and CEO at Entergy Louisiana, said: “Our latest request for up to three gigawatts of renewable power, the largest such expansion request in state history, shows we’re serious about not only protecting the environment by reducing our carbon footprint, but also continuing to be a major driver of economic development.”

The power distribution company has so far 280MW of renewable capacity, including a 50MW solar plant near Baton Rouge that has been operational since October 2020, with the distribution company receiving approval to acquire 475MW of solar capacity across four projects last September.

With the 3GW capacity sought by Entergy Louisiana, it would bring its parent company, Entergy Corporation, closer to reaching its target to have between 15-17GW of installed capacity by the end of 2031.

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