Evo Morales signs off on 5MW solar project in Bolivia



The government of Bolivia has appointed Spanish PV developer Isotron SAU, a subsidiary of energy company Isastur, to develop the first PV plant in the Bolivian region of Pando. 

The agreement was signed on Saturday by members of Isotron and the state-owned utility company Guaracachi in Cobija, the capital of Pando. Bolivian president Evo Morales and hydrocarbons and energy minister, Juan Jose Sosa, were both on hand for the signing ceremony.

Morales stated in his speech that his government was “happy” to be “working well” with multiple Spanish companies, including Repsol, a partner of the state-owned oil corporation YPFB in various energy projects.

Sosa stated that Pando is one of just two regions in Bolivia that is not connected to the national grid. The region mostly generates power through diesel-powered turbines.

The plant will have a generating capacity of 5MW, covering “more or less 50%” of power demands for Cobija and the towns of Puerto Rico and Porvenir, Sosa said.

Denmark is financing half of the US$11.8 million construction cost, while the Bolivian government will cover the remaining costs.

The installation is expected to begin producing 2MW of electricity this September, with the remaining 3MW expected to come online two months later.

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