Eyelit Inc’s MES is designed for fast ramp flexibility



Product Briefing Outline: The ‘Eyelit Manufacturing’ solution delivers a full featured, technically advanced manufacturing execution system (MES), asset management, product costing, plant-level connectivity hub, and broad spectrum of other essential functionality. By giving clear insight into production process efficiency, performance/equipment efficiency, inventory control and resource management along with the ability to automatically react to conditions in any factory system, Eyelit Manufacturing suite enables customers to coordinate, control, and respond to changing demands in production.

Problem: Many solar manufacturers are finding with the rapid growth in the solar market, they are quickly outgrowing smaller point or home-grown manufacturing management solutions and find themselves having to invest further in existing systems or to reinvest in new, software to allow scaling from pilot to high-volume production.

Solution: Eyelit say their solution enables solar start-ups to begin with a low-cost investment, yet provides the needed infrastructure to scale with Eyelit’s broad set of functionality and copy-smart capability. Their products cover a broad set of manufacturing solutions, including Manufacturing Execution (MES), Asset Management (Semi E10), Factory Integration (Automation), Supply Chain Execution, Quality Management (CAPA/OCAP/SPC/APC), and Business Process Management. These are designed to allow customers to rapidly and cost-effectively optimize production and company processes.

Applications: Manufacturing management and factory control.

Platform: All eyelit Manufacturing operations are managed using an advanced interactive interface that sets up in seconds. This Interactive Performance Monitor™ (IPM) allows users to configure logical representations of their production operations and any resources within it. The IPM is completely personalized and can accommodate any process so that users get more correct, detailed, and relevant information, as well as complete control over it. The IPM eliminates the need to code complex business rules. System set-up, use, and maintenance are incredibly simple and fast. No other manufacturing efficiency products are as easy to implement, customize and use.

Availability: July 2008 onwards.

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