‘FlapVAT’ large transfer valve increases flexibility in equipment design



Product Briefing Outline: VAT has launched a new transfer valve, the 'FlapVAT' that extends its product portfolio in the 'large transfer valve' series. The new product offers vacuum equipment manufacturers the ability to achieve what it claims is the best price/performance ratio available. VAT now has three large transfer valves in the portfolio for the PV industry, each of which can be customized in various ways to match each individual manufacturer's requirements.

Problem: Equipment suppliers working in the photovoltaic industry are facing continuous cost pressures from end users. Simultaneously the production throughput, yield and uptime have to be improved to reduce the manufacturing cost per watt, which requires high performance transfer valves at the lowest cost possible.

Solution: The FlapVAT is designed for vacuum production tools with slit heights smaller than 80mm. The valve technology is based on the common flapper valve that enables a swift exchange of the gate O-Ring and the integrated actuator allows for differential pressure opening wherever this is required. Depending on temperatures and outer conditions, the actuator can be placed on top or at the sides of the valve. Stainless steel or aluminium body and gate and horizontal or vertical orientation are other standard options that are available in this product range.

Applications: Transfer valves are used as gates to separate vacuum chambers and are suitable for various processes such as PVD or PECVD.

Platform: The FlapVAT is available from slit openings 30 x 500mm up to 80 x 3000mm with a flange to flange dimension of 160mm. It can be used in door, valve or insert configurations.

Availability: Currently available

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