Is Yingli Green the biggest loser in 2015 top 5 forecasted module manufacturer rankings?



Yingli Green’s PV module shipment guidance for 2015, compared to its four closest rivals could result in a further slide down the rankings this year. 

Having replaced Yingli Green as the largest PV manufacturer (based on module shipments), Trina Solar has guided the strongest shipments for 2015, which range between 4.4GW to 4.6GW, potentially securing a second consecutive market leading position. 

However, having surpassed the top range of 2014 shipment guidance, the only company in the top five rankings to do so, Canadian Solar is also building momentum and has guided expected shipments in 2015 to be in the range of 4.0GW to 4.3GW. 

Should Canadian Solar reach the mid-range of shipment guidance in 2015, then it would move up the rankings again from third position to second position, pushing Yingli Green lower. 

However, the PV manufacturer with the fastest shipment growth in 2014, JA Solar is also expected to keep shipment momentum in 2015, guiding shipments in the range of 3.6GW to 4.0GW. 

Should JA Solar achieve shipments at the high-end of its forecast, Yingli Green is in peril of losing a further ranked position, potentially ending the year in fourth position. 

Surprisingly, one of the fastest growing companies over the last few years, JinkoSolar is in danger of being surpassed by JA Solar in 2015, while in a battle to beat Yingli Green as its slides down the rankings. Failure to meet or exceed the high-end of its shipment guidance of 3.3GW to 3.8GW could result in the company dropping from fourth position to ranked fifth this year. 

As for Yingli Green, its shipment guidance for 2015 of 3.6GW to 3.9GW overlaps both JA Solar and JinkoSolar, indicating a tight battle ahead, especially when momentum resides with its rivals. 

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