Konarka strengthens IP portfolio in organic photovoltaics



Konarka Technologies has expanded its license agreement with DuPont
Displays to cover patents and other IP initially developed by Dr. Alan
Heeger, Chief Scientist, co-founder and Director of Konarka as well as
related IP in respect to OLED display technology. Konarka has
strengthened its position specifically in the area by obtaining sole
licensee and sublicense in advanced photovoltaic polymers that the
company is developing under its ‘Power Plastic’ product name.

“The acquisition of a preferred position in this intellectual property
will help us to further maintain our leadership position in the
development of organic photovoltaic technology and the
commercialization of ‘Power Plastic’,” commented Rick Hess, President
and CEO of Konarka. “Additionally, this will give us further IP
protection of the technology in addition to the substantial Konarka
patent portfolio.”

“We are very pleased that DuPont Displays’
technology developed as part of our OLED displays effort can also be a
part of enabling the advancement of organic photovoltaic technology
through this agreement with Konarka,” said William Feehery, President
of DuPont Displays.

In 2004, Konarka announced licensing
certain intellectual property from DuPont Displays to develop organic
polymer-based solar cells.

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