KSTAR offers all-in-one string inverter & CATL energy storage system for improved safety

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KSTAR ‘s BluE-S-5000D SERIES is the most up-to date all-in-one single-phase storage solution, which provides safe, smart and high efficiency and for residential applica. Image: KSTARtions

Chinese inverter manufacturer KSTAR has introduced its new ‘All-In-One’ single-phase storage solution’, the BluE-S-5000D series, which combines KSTAR inverters with a CATL battery solution. The latest KSTAR hybrid solar system provides power continuously, without any interruption, as the powerful CATL batteries store the energy.  


Traditional hybrid electricity generators typically use diesel or petrol for fuel. To protect the environment, hybrid inverter systems offer the best solution. However, for such systems the battery quality is very important to guarantee safety and reliability. 


KSTAR ‘s BluE-S-5000D series is the most up-to date all-in-one single-phase storage product,  providing a safe, smart and high efficiency solution for residential applications, according to the company. To offer optimal performance and a long-life span for customers, the BluE-S-5000D series is an AC coupled all-in-one CATL battery module with a KSTAR inverter, with low maintenance and easy installation. TheBluE-S-5000D series includes a 5-year product and 10-year performance warranty with 24/7 monitoring via the ‘KSTAR Cloud’ app. Moreover, to offer customers a fast response and uninterruptible power supply, the single-phase hybrid inverter features an intelligent modular design and online monitoring  via the ESS app, as well as a programmable time of use tariff in certain countries – charging at night at off-peak then in use during the expensive peak period in the afternoon.


The BluE-S-5000D series is specifically designed for PV self-consumption, back-up power, fuel saving solutions, battery expansion, load shifting and off-grid solutions.


The TheBluE-S-5000D series is IP 65 designed, providing better protection against water and dust while being aesthetically pleasing. Internally, the all-in-one system has invisible cable routing. Its smart technology and advanced internal design are optimized for its working environment, so that the hybrid system can work under harsh conditions, such as a storage temperature range of between –20℃~ and +60℃, with salty air and humidity.


June 2020, onwards.

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