LONGi claims new p-type heterojunction cell efficiency record of 25.47%

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Cell production at a LONGi facility. Image: LONGi.

Solar manufacturer LONGi has laid claim to a new cell efficiency record for a gallium-doped p-type heterojunction PV cell.

The ‘Solar Module Super League’ (SMSL) member said it had recorded a cell conversion efficiency of 25.47% using an M6 (274.3cm2) full-size cell, produced using mass production processes and monocrystalline silicon wafers.

The efficiency was validated in testing conducted by the Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin (ISFH).

LONGi said the company’s R&D team developed the p-type wafer processing solution for heterojunction cells and combined it with an interface passivation technology to achieve an open circuit voltage (Voc) of 747.6 mV.

Furthermore, LONGi said that it did not regard processing techniques applied in this record to have been fully optimised, suggesting that the conversion efficiency could be pushed further.

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