Trade duties on Chinese modules and cells have been approved by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT).

The tribunal found that there was a threat to the domestic solar industry but did not find evidence that they had “caused injury” to the sector thus far.

In March this year the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced preliminary duties on Chinese manufacturers ranging from 9.1% to 286.1%.

The duties attributed then were as follows:

-Canadian Solar 174.2%
-Trina Solar: 126.5%
-Hanwha SolarOne 103.3%-JA Solar 50.6%
-Jinko Solar 111.8%
-ReneSola 9.14%
-Wuxi Taichen 27.7%
-Wuxi Suntech 202.5%
-Zhejang Jinko Solar 115.9%
-All other exporters 286.1%

These duties can still be changed with any difference in duties collected since March being refunded.

The CBSA has not indicated whether there will be amendments to the existing rates.

The original complaint was raised in 2014 by four companies, Eclipsall, Heliene, Silfab and Solgate.