Canadian Solar, one of the six members of the Silicon Module Super League has completed a further four small PV power plants in Japan, totalling 8.6MWp.

The company had connected five PV power plants totalling 5.2MW in Japan in the second quarter of 2015, while its late-stage project pipeline in the country reached 670MW, with 336MW having secured grid capacity. Grid connected projects total just under 15MWp.

The latest group of projects completed in Japan include the the 2.6 MWp Hijimachi Fujiwara PV power plant in Hayami-gun, Oita Prefecture, the 2.2 MWp Koba PV power plant in Isa-shi City, Kagoshima Prefecture, the 2.1 MWp Tsukuba Holes PV power plant in Kasama-shi City, Ibaraki Prefecture and the 1.7 MWp Yusuicho PV power plant in Aira-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture.

Canadian Solar reiterated that the project financing for the latest four projects had been provided by Rabobank Hong Kong, while the total financing was for 20MWp of PV power plants in Japan.

The company said the 2.6MWp Hijimachi Fujiwara plants was powered by 10,098 Canadian Solar CS6P-255P modules and achieved commercial operation on October 13, 2015. 

The 2.2 MWp Koba plant was powered by 8,558 Canadian Solar CS6P-260P modules and was operational on September 16, 2015. 

The 2.1 MWp Tsukuba Holes plant was powered by 8,250 Canadian Solar CS6P-255P modules and started commercial operations on September 24, 2015, while the 1.7 MWp Yusuicho plant used 6,860 Canadian Solar CS6P-255P modules and started operating on 21 August 2015.