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China's capital city, Beijing, is to see significant developments in the photovoltaic sector over the coming years. The capital's government has developed a solar promotion program that aims for 70MW of installed PV capacity, including BIPV technology by 2011.

Although the number of installations is not yet known, the government has said that each power station or rooftop BIPV project will be 5MW or above. Initially these installations will be used as demonstration projects.

Although China has been slower than expected in its number of PV installations, with only 40MW in 2008, the country aims for a more optimistic 2GW by 2011.

The Beijing municipal government also intends to develop other 'new energy' demonstration projects in five other areas of the country by the same year. These will include 3,000 new energy vehicles, an increase of 1.2 million square meters of solar heaters, 20 million square meters of heat pump floor panel, and 50MW of biomass power generation.