Source: Dominion Energy.

Source: Dominion Energy.

Dominion Energy is set to develop six new PV projects that will generate renewable energy for Facebook. The solar projects will be built in Dominion Energy's service area in Virginia and North Carolina and will gradually come online by mid-2020. 

This partnership between Dominion Energy and Facebook will both support Dominion Energy's goal of having 3,000MW of new solar and wind energy in operation or under development by 2022; and Facebook's goal of supporting their global operations with 100% renewable energy by the end of 2020.

These six new projects will have a total generation capacity of 350MW and will join two previously announced solar projects located in Surry County, Virginia. The Colonial Trail West and Spring Grove projects total 240MW and were recently approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

The six new projects are:

- 20MW Montross Solar in Westmoreland County, Va. (completed)

- 20MW Gloucester Solar in Gloucester, Va. (completed)

- 80MW Grasshopper Solar in Mecklenburg, Va.

- 75MW Chestnut Solar in Halifax County, N.C.

- 75MW Pecan Solar in Northampton County, N.C. (completed)

- 80MW Gutenberg Solar in Northampton County, N.C.

Dominion Energy developed the Montross project, while the other five projects have or will be acquired from EDF Renewables, Inc., BayWa r.e. and Strata Solar.

Keith Windle, Dominion Energy's vice president of business development, said: "Facebook has consistently supported the development of green energy around the world, and their corporate sustainability goals are a driving force in the expansion of renewable energy. We are proud to be a trusted energy partner as we actively grow the market for clean energy."

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