eIQ Energy’s Parallel Solar technology will be used on the 1.8MW project at Bee Safe’s Storage facility in Murrieta, California. Installation of the parallel wiring technology is to be carried out by EcoOneEnergy.

“The Parallel Solar approach was an obvious choice for this installation,” said Eugene Wilkie, CEO of EcoOneEnergy. “It freed up our designers to focus on what would provide the best power output, rather than having to worry about string architecture and voltage management. We’re also saving a substantial amount on combiner boxes, cable and conduit, and the snap-together connection on the vBoost modules are a tremendous time-saver.”

The parallel wiring enabled by eIQ Energy’s vBoost DC-to-DC voltage optimiser reduces the amount of cabling, hardware and labour required during installation, thus saving the Murrieta project several hundred thousand dollars. Once operational, Parallel Solar’s technology will provide distributed MPPT, precision panel-level monitoring and web-based access to data. The vBoost will also eliminate power-draining interactions between panels on the same string that have different output levels due to issues such as shading, soiling and aging.

“As we approach the first anniversary of vBoost’s entry into the market, we’re seeing Parallel Solar gaining increasing traction in the marketplace,” said eIQ Energy’s CEO, Oliver Janssen. “The Bee Safe Storage project is our largest to date, and an indicator of the interest we’re seeing in commercial-scale installations where the cost savings really add up.”

“In addition to generating electricity, the trellis installation at Bee Safe Storage in Murrieta will provide valuable shading for a vehicle storage area located at the storage facility,” added Mike Delaney, CEO of Bee Safe Storage.