Despite changes expected to the UK feed-in tariff that would make large-scale projects uneconomical, while retaining incentives for the residential rooftop market, First Solar has gained Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certification for its CdTe thin-film modules.The MCS accreditation applies to First Solar’s Series 3 modules FS-370 to FS-385.

Several thin-film competitors, including another CdTe technology user, Abound Solar have already obtained MCS certification in the UK.

“The MCS is a key prerequisite to serving the U.K. market,” said TK Kallenbach, head of First Solar’s Components Business Group. “Installers and products that carry the MCS mark provide end-customers with assurance that their PV systems comply with rigorous international standards.”

Several large-scale projects are still expected to be completed in the UK before changes to the FiT are announced. Indeed the industry consultation period, regarding the changes has just been completed and large-scale projects would need to be completed and connected to the grid before August 1st. 

Whether any projects are using First Solar CdTe modules is unknown.