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The Netherlands is negotiating a new energy policy “Nationaal Energieakkoor” that could see up to 2 million household PV installed by 2023.

The negotiations are being facilitated by the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER), a body which advises on the Dutch government on economic and social policy.

SER is pushing for a fully sustainable energy in the Netherlands by 2050, and a spokeswoman for the body said the proposition of 2 million residential PV systems could be in the final policy that is currently being debated by government, environmental bodies and trade associations.

So far the government has set a short-term goal of 14% of energy production to be generated using renewable energy by 2020. SER has been pushing the government to agree to 16% by 2023.

SER has also proposed a fund for energy efficiency enabling individuals to profit from energy-saving measures, and to consider measures to support businesses that make rapid energy efficiency changes.

Holland Solar, the national solar trade association in Holland, supports the national energy agreement and the creation of 15,000 new jobs in the renewable energy sector.

"The challenge is huge, this agreement provides our renewable energy sector 15 years of vacillating policies for new opportunities and space for green growth,” added Teun Bokhoven, chairman of the Sustainable Energy Dome, one of the bodies involved in the negotiations.