The Eilat Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative (EEREI) has opened the tendering process for a 50MW PV project in Israel that could also provide power to neighbouring Jordan.

The solar park, which will occupy 100 hectares of a former mining site, could also be used as part of regional cooperation efforts with electricity passed into the grids of adjacent countries. An EEREI spokesman confirmed to PV Tech that Jordan was one potential recipient.

“This project also holds the potential to serve as the basis for international cooperation throughout the region with connectivity and supply of solar energy to the national grids of neighbouring countries,” said Eitan Parnass, director general of the Green Energy Association of Israel.

Jordan suffers from frequent brown-outs and high electricity prices.

EEREI's Timna Solar Park has already been granted a guaranteed tariff by the Israeli government.The company said it preferred not to disclose the terms of this agreement, however bidders can request more information on this.

In 2010 the government announced the first solar power purchase agreement. The 4.9MW plant was granted NIS1.49/kWh (US$0.41/kWh).

“We are very proud to announce this tender for the Timna Solar Park and significantly expand the amount of solar energy produced in the Arava and Eilat regions, which currently stands at 65MW,” said Dorit Davidovich-Banet, CEO, EEREI. “The new Timna Solar Park offers bidders and their investors an attractive opportunity to build a profitable solar energy field supported excellent infrastructure and a dynamic renewable energy ecosystem,” she added.

The company said it would only consider bids that incorporate a tracking system.