Poland looks set to ramp up its support for large solar plants through a new feed-in tariff and a green certificates programme in a bid to meet European Union 2020 renewables targets.

The measures are outlined in a draft renewables bill that the industry hopes will come into effect in January 2103.

Poland’s Institute of Renewable Energy’s analysis of the implementation of financial incentives for renewables lists the FiT for installations larger than 100kW as US$0.337 for 15 years.

Stanislaw Pietruszko, head of the Photovoltaic Association of Poland said the country’s new renewable energy act could increase Poland’s solar capacity to 400MW from 3MW.

“The proposed rates are very good, higher than those in Germany,” Pietruszko told Bloomberg.

Poland’s current Green Certificate scheme witnessed a boost in investments since its launch in October 2005. Each tradable certificate, which utilities are obliged to buy, averaged PLN0.249 (US$0.772) per megawatt hour last month.

“The proposals will definitely ignite a new solar market, even if it may be slow to catch fire properly for large-scale projects due to slow permitting,” said Martin Simonek, an analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. “The returns available and the proximity to experienced developers and contractors in Germany should allow for several hundred megawatts per year, at the very least.”

Bloomberg reported that although there is expected to be a 10MW cap on solar plants, no limits are expected on total installations. The Ministry of Economy has forecast 50MW of solar capacity in the first year and 600MW by 2020, according to the Photovoltaic Association.

“The ministry expects 50MW, but in my opinion it will be much, much more,” Pietruszko said. “This capacity will go immediately and I don’t know what the ministry will do if installed capacity exceeds 50MW next year.”

The solar industry is watching developments in Poland with interest. Antje Stephan, Director of Communications, at Conergy, told PV-Tech: "The Polish market will definitely be very interesting for Conergy once a decision on feed-in tariffs and green certificates is taken in 2013. Our company has already started establishing its local network and putting together cooperation opportunities in order to develop this market.”

The draft bill is currently being reviewed by the cabinet awaiting its presentation to Poland’s parliament for a final decision.