Solar PV design and manufacturing company Sunpreme announced the launch of the Maxima GxB-310 SM Smart Modules – integrating Tigo TS4-L optimiser solutions with its bi-facial solar modules.

The modules will provide customers with advanced functionality that boost energy yields and peak string level AC/DC of 0.95 plus using impedance matching technology. With fewer BOS components, the modules will also lower system costs by increasing string length and reducing installation time.

Sunpreme’s new modules are frameless annd feature the company’s 21.5% efficient cells enabling 310W 60-cell and 370W 72-cell solar panels and a low thermal coefficient of -0.28%/C. Sunpreme partnered with energy management company JDS Power to develop the new product.

Ashok Sinha, chairman and CEO of Sunpreme, said: "We are proud to partner with JDS Power, a leading distributed generation provider, in launching an integrated Tigo optimiser capability to our high performance bi-facial double glass modules. These panels utilise our bi-facial HCT cells made using an innovative a-Si:H ultra thin-film structure for junction formation."

Surinder S. Bedi, executive vice president for market development, system products and global quality & reliability at Sunpreme, added: "Sunpreme's Smart Modules are an industry game-changer offering our clients the high performance Bi-facial GxB-310 Modules and integrated Tigo TS4-L optimiser with impedance matching technology and distributed MPPT – to maximize energy performance and shading tolerance at the system level. The Bi-facial technology allows the module to absorb light from both sides, increasing energy yield (kWh per kWp) up to 20%. Our carefully designed GxB-310 SM with advanced optimisation solution further accelerates kWh yield by 10% and peak string level AC/DC ratio of 0.95 plus.

Bedi added: “A low thermal coefficient of -0.28%/C is further plus to performance, and longer strings by up to 30% result in fewer BOS components. Sunpreme has historically offered the most reliable modules with innovative mounting solutions – that were tested and certified to withstand the most challenging environmental solutions ranging from extreme hot to extreme cold, increased snow load and wind resistance, and coupled with one of the best power warranties in the industry…Pre-launch customer momentum has been positive, and we are shipping pre-booked orders to strategic customers. We look forward to supporting JDS Power and the solar industry with innovative products and elegant solutions, such as O&M simplification, rapid safety shut down to meet electrical code requirements.”