Guangdong Aiko Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd (Aiko Solar), merchant solar cell producer has launched a high-efficiency P-type mono-PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) bifacial solar cell with front-side cell efficiency >21% and rear-side >15%. The company showcased the bifacial cell at SNEC 2017.


Conventional mono-facial Al-BSF solar cells are reaching efficiency limitations and PERC cells provide both higher efficiencies and can be cost effectively converted to bifacial, providing between a 10% and 30% (albedo dependent) efficiency gain. Bifacial module energy yields have been reported to be as much as 50% higher than a like for like mono-facial module.


Aiko Solar’s high-efficiency P-type mono-PERC bifacial cells use a precise laser grooving technology that is compatible with conventional solar cell production processes and has a competitive cost structure. The front-side bifacial cells use an efficient aluminum slurry and (SiO2 and SiNx ARC coating) process with good anti-PID and LID performance for stable module power generation. The bifacial cells are produced with 5BB Busbar: 0.7±0.1mm tolerance and strict appearance and binning standards for better module yield. The rear-side cell includes a composite Bus Bar, 2.9mm Al finger+1.75mm Ag electrode with 4 segments and Al finger design.


Bifacial cells used with dual glass modules can be used in PV projects that have good albedo reflection for the rear side cell. These include ground mounted utility-scale, flat roof commercial/industrial roofs, car ports, BIPV and floating solar applications amongst others.  


Bifacial cells used with dual glass modules are dependent on the mounting structures, system orientation, albedo and the ratio of diffuse irradiation to direct irradiation to maximize the potential kWh produced. According to the company, the bifacial design combined with an intelligent mounting system can increase power output by up to 28%.


April 2017 onwards.

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