BELECTRIC's new 3.0 MegaWattBlock is claimed to set new standards in solar power production. The power plant unit is designed to create electricity at the lowest possible levelized costs of electricity (LCOE). On a par with the functionality of large conventional power plants, the grid-stabilizing plant technology is designed to intelligently integrate renewable energy sources in existing power grids.


Regional public grids show many voltage deviations produced by different power loads. The dynamic reactive power control of the PCU stabilizes the public grid voltage - day and night and without solar irradiation. The PCU with its medium-voltage grid supply in outdoor construction enables optimum accessibility and easy maintenance of the system.


The 3.0 MegaWattBlock uses a maximum voltage of 1500 Volt. Developed in co-operation with GE and PADCON, the 1500 V inverter system reduces system and maintenance costs. A material-saving design is also built with the highest levels of quality and provides superior surface area efficiency, according to the company.  The turnkey system uses efficient, grid-stabilizing ‘Power-Conditioning-Unit’ (PCU) with General Electric inverter technology, providing a claimed performance ratio of up to 85%.


Grid-tied PV power plants.


The specially developed PCU includes an intelligent power plant controlling system, the inverter system and the transformer. The inverter system was optimized for the use of thin-film module technologies and is characterized by the high level of system efficiency.


July 2013 onwards.