RENA and SoLayTec ship new turnkey InPERC technology order



PV equipment suppliers, RENA and SoLayTec said they had shipped their 10th ‘InPassion’ system to a tier-1 fully integrated PV manufacturer based in China for monocrystalline solar cells.

The InPERC turnkey package consists of a complete rear-side smoothing, passivation, capping SiNx and laser ablation solution, which is capable of increasing average conversion efficiencies by more than 0.8%. The technology partners have demonstrated PERC solar cell efficiencies of over 20% with record efficiencies achieved at research centre, ISFH.

“It is clear that several PECVD and ALD solutions are available for deposition of Al2O3,” said Roger Görtzen, co-founder of SoLayTec. “SoLayTec  believes that its modular ALD concept has the potential to win the game from PECVD, due to a few important factors. A higher uptime because of less periodic maintenance, 5 times lower usage of TMA precursor material and most important a very high stability of the ALD process. This results into a more narrow efficiency distribution of the cells and a higher average efficiency, leading to a better margin for our customer.”

The partners said that they would be presenting the results of their InPERC technology for multicrystalline solar cells with efficiencies above 18% at SNEC 2014. 

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