Residential solar company Solmentum installs 1,000th project



Solmentum, a residential power sales company, has completed its 1,000th project putting it over 5MW in sales after only two years of being in business. With the milestone, Solmentum is considered one of California’s five largest residential solar companies when it comes to monthly sales.

“Solmentum’s secret to success is identifying the thousands of homeowners who will actually benefit financially from solar, but have no idea their home qualifies,” said Jason Brown, CEO of Solmentum. “Solar only makes financial sense for some people, so we have developed strategies to hyper-target our marketing efforts.”

Solmentum works like a utility by selling metered electricity with its solar financing partner SunRun. If a homeowner qualifies, Solmentum puts solar panels on the customer’s roof and after the customer pays an upgrade fee, they are able to buy electricity at a guaranteed rate. Essentially, Solmentum’s customers can benefit from solar energy without having to incur the costs of solar panel installation and maintenance.

“Solmentum has hands down the most successful sales strategy out of all the residential solar companies I’ve seen, and they have 1,000 happy customers to prove it,” said Travis Bradford, founder of the Prometheus Institute and Solmentum advisory board member. “Solmentum finds the right customers and makes sure they understand their options and ultimately join the solar revolution.”

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