Sharp claims solar cell efficiency of 14.4%



new polycrystalline photovoltaic module that boasts a claimed
efficiency rate of 14.4% is due to be launched on June 18th by Sharp
Corp. The company claims that the product’s structural differences mean
that they are capable of the highest solar-to-electric conversion rate
in the industry. The new module has an installation capacity up to
1.5-2 times greater than other modules due to better wind pressure

The make-up of the module is different in that it has three main electrodes as opposed to the industry-standard two. The extra electrode means higher efficiency in power collection. The electrodes are thinner than those commonly used in this process, with the result that the light-receiving surface area of the panels is increased. The increased wind resistance of the modules means that the modules can be installed further out to the roof edges, thus improving installation capacity.

The company plans to release five new residential models which each offer increased efficiency and higher wind resistance.

(Image courtesy of Sharp Corp.) 

By Síle Mc Mahon 

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