SNEC: Komax Solar’s Xcell X3 high-speed Stringer achieves 1800 cell per hour throughput



Komax Solar has launched its new next-generation solar cell stringer system, the Xcell X3. Key features include throughput of 1800 cells/hour and up to five busbar and half-cell capabilities. The all-new closed loop induction soldering is three times as efficient as the previous generation. Komax Solar is exhibiting at SNEC 2014, being held in Shanghai, China May 20-22, 2014 at booth, E3 520.


As PV module manufacturing expands and the demand for reliable production processes increases, it is essential to have proficient automated interconnection equipment with high throughput, low energy consumption and easy integration into any new or existing manufacturing line.


The Xcell X3 was designed with the user in mind to ensure the lowest possible cost of ownership in the industry. The Xcell X3 is ready to process any solar cell with up to five busbars, PERC, p-type, n-type, and/or half-cells. A powerful and efficient induction soldering process ensures a reliable, repeatable, and controllable soldering process. With a high throughput of 1800 cell/hour or 50MW per stringer, a compact design enables reduced floor space and provides an expandable platform.


Xcell X3 can handle full or half-cells with two, three, four, or five busbars, PERC, p-type cells, n-type cells and ribbon widths as low as 0.8 mm.


Xcell X3 uses a streamlined AccuTrack system with an efficient closed loop soldering technology to reduce processing time without compromising soldering excellence. It easily integrates with various offloading/layup systems and is ideal for manufacturers looking to expand existing production lines, create new production lines, or transition to automatic module manufacturing. Komax Solar also offers layup and inspection solutions to further enhance module manufacturing.


May 2014 onwards.

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