SolarCity and MP2 to offer ‘full’ net metering programme in Texas



Leading US installer SolarCity has partnered with power company MP2 Energy on a programme to increase access to solar power in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

The two companies are offering a net metering programme that will allow solar customers to receive a full credit for all the solar electricity produce, without being subject to any kind of cap.

The programme is open to customers who sign up to SolarCity’s service and electricity from MP2. It is the first time such a net metering facility, offering full credit for all the solar power generated, has been available in Texas, according to the two companies, who said they hoped to extend it to beyond the Dallas/Fort Worth area in due course.

MP2 plans to track its customers’ usage and the amount that they provide, and those who produce more than they use will be given the full-retail value for their production in credit that will go towards paying monthly bills. According to the company, the amount that will be credited includes transmission and distribution service charges. The programme will implement no cap, unlike others in the state, which are typically capped at 500kWh a month, the companies said.

Jeff Starcher, chairman and CEO of MP2 Energy, claims that the programme “is truly the first of its kind in Texas,” and that it will “allow customers to see immediate savings on solar, and make government and local incentives…less important.”

MP2 also plans on giving their customers a fixed rate for 12 or 24 months, in contrast to competitors whose solar costs change based on energy factors.

Texas is America’s largest energy producers, and due the large amount of sunny days, according to Starcher, it “is often considered a sleeping giant when it comes to its potential for solar power”.

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