Solis’ 3-phase hybrid energy storage inverter is fully optimised for multiple operating modes

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The Solis 3-phase hybrid inverter is designed to integrate storage simply, easily, and safely alongside a new PV system. Image: Solis

Ginlong Solis Technologies has launched its latest hybrid energy storage inverter across EU markets. The three-phase Solis-HVES (High Voltage Energy Storage) inverter has one of the highest conversion efficiencies on the market and is designed to maximise solar-plus-storage systems with its intelligent and fully integrated energy management system.


As the energy supply market shifts at pace in how energy is supplied, costed, and consumed, homeowners and businesses want to be able to adapt to how, when and what power they are drawing on. However, hybrid PV inverters need to be simple to integrate and have the flexibility to operate in multiple modes to offer the most optimised energy storage solution.


The Solis 3-phase hybrid inverter is designed to integrate storage simply, easily, and safely alongside a new PV system. Compatible with world class battery suppliers a Solis storage solution hands the system owner control of their energy usage.  The system features multiple operating modes that offer self-consumption, time of use and grid back-up all fully programmable via the integrated energy management system, enabling smart time shifting to leverage time-of-use tariffs and optimize energy use. Designed for performance, the new 5G hybrid inverter brings a high conversion efficiency of 98.4% to solar-plus-storage systems. Its 1.6 PV-to-battery ratio supports load and battery supply, improves system utilization and boosts generation – increasing ROI for residential customers, according to the company. With dynamic MPPT (2 MPPTs with 4 DC inputs), and a maximum 26A DC input current, Solis is compatible with various solar panels, including bifacial modules. With 10kW in charging and discharging power, the customer will need less time to ensure a healthy battery state-of-charge value and can also carry more critical loads.


Intelligent solar PV energy storage system for residential and small commercial properties across the EU.  Battery ready, can be installed in a new solar PV system alongside battery storage immediately or the system can be upgraded later to include battery storage.


The Solis smart EMS functions are among the latest safety features that protect homes and let homeowners glide through blackouts safely and reliably.  This new High Voltage Hybrid inverter also carries the latest 5th Generation Solis inverter technology, enabling the power supply to be switched automatically and switching time within 40ms. An intelligent battery management system (BMS) keeps the battery running safely through real-time monitoring of its temperature, state of charge, and charge and discharge current. The inverter’s arc-fault circuit interrupter further protects the safety of the PV system for ultimate peace of mind.


Roll out to Italy, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, South Africa and Australia through July and August 2020.

The PV Tech TechTalk Product Webinar with Ginlong Solis and access to the presentation slides can also be accessed here. 

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