Solland Solar develops back contact cell using ‘Metal Wrap Through’ method



Dutch solar cell producer, Solland Solar has announced the development of a new photovoltaic solar cell design using the ‘Metal Wrap Through’ (MWT) method. The technique enables the removal of the traditional ‘bus bars’ from the cells front-side, increase the usable area and reduce shading, boosting cell efficiencies. The research was carried out in collaboration with ECN (Energy research Centre of the Netherlands).

Solland Solar said that the MWT technique boosts conventional cell efficiencies by 2 percent. Using its ‘Sunweb’ front-side design, the output of a solar module with a traditional cell is  around 13.5 percent, the Sunweb cell increases this efficiency to nearly 15 percent. Solland is currently working with third parties on the development of a special back-sheet foil to connect the Sunweb cells at the back. This will enable further automation of the production process, reducing manufacturing costs, the company said.

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