Sputnik Engineering to release MaxTalk2; announces new flexibility for SolarMax MT string inverters



Sputnik Engineering will be releasing its new communication software, MaxTalk2 at the 26th Symposium on Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Bad Staffelstein taking place March 2 through March 4. The new software edition is said to be able to monitor and manage the measured values of solar plants that use SolarMax inverters while permitting users to survey the status of their solar plant by looking at operating data, statistics, measured values and device parameters.

Sputnik’s MaxTalk2 has additionally been programmed to allow registered installers added configuration options that are in accordance with the requirements put forth in the medium-voltage guideline of Germany’s Federal Association of Energy Suppliers and Water Utilities for solar plants in Germany from April 2011.

On top of the release of its new software tool, Sputnik Engineering has also announced the enhanced flexibility of its SolarMax MT string inverters that were originally introduced in 2010. With the new flexibility options, Sputnik proposes that it is now possible to connect a maximum of 9kW of generator output compared to the previous allotted 6kW. “The use of several MPP trackers is primarily practical if the solar generator is exposed to varying conditions (inclination, orientation, shading, etc.),” stated Olaf Geistlinger, Sputnik product manager.

The company remarked that this should give installers the ability when wiring a 15kW inverter SolarMax 15 MT to connect either two module strings each with 9kW DC output to the inverter or select a balanced division of three times 6kW. Anything in between the two options is said to be possible, as long as the voltage and current limits stated in the data sheet are adhered to.

Sputnik plans to incorporate its new circuitry feature in its MaxDesign layout program by the end of this month.

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