Sungevity unveils new solar quoting technology



Residential PV installer, Sungevity, has unveiled a new form of technology that can determine PV installation quotes instantly with nothing more than a given street address.

The technology, known as the Instant Solar Quote (Instant iQuote), is being piloted at certain Lowe’s retail stores in California. 

The Instant iQuote uses technology that meshes LIDAR, aerial imaging and real estate information in order to produce a 3D model of the property given. After the model has been generated, Instant iQuote can immediately produce the most suitable PV configurations for the property, list installation costs and estimate potential savings.

Andrew Birch, Sungevity chief executive officer, said: “When a homeowner starts to consider solar, the same questions always arise: How much will I save? How much will it cost? How much will it produce? What will it look like?  Due to vast differences in roof shape and size, utility, shading and electricity usage, it has always been next to impossible to provide immediate answers to any of these questions. By overcoming those hurdles, Instant iQuote can expedite solar adoption as well as provide a unique competitive advantage for us and our partners.”

Instant iQuote has been used on more than 1.5 million homes in California, and is expected to expand to four more states by the end of the summer before eventually moving to the international stage in the near future. 

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