SVTC Technologies attracts JA Solar to new Photovoltaic Development Center



Technologies has officially launched its Silicon Valley Photovoltaic
Development Center, with the aim of becoming a leading RD&E center
for the global photovoltaics industry. The new center is located in an
87,000 square foot facility in south San Jose, California, and cost
between $20 and $30 million. The facility will also house a 5MW turnkey
solar manufacturing line from Roth & Rau.

“SVTC Technologies has seen a surge in demand for a facility devoted exclusively to the solar industry, which is why we have established the Silicon Valley Photovoltaic Development Center,” said Kurt Laetz, SVTC Solar program manager. “We want to serve the solar manufacturers already here and attract new ones, helping to establish Silicon Valley as North America’s premier environment for solar innovation. By tapping into the enormous talent, creative energy and financial support focused in this region, we intend to do for solar energy what Silicon Valley has done for other high-tech industries.”

According to SVTC, solar cell manufacturers and solar start-ups will be able to access the Roth & Rau equipment for product development purposes, while Roth & Rau will benefit from having these potential customers working on their tools. Additionally, Roth & Rau will use the Silicon Valley Photovoltaic Development Center as its North American demonstration showroom.

“It is a testament to the power of our mission, and to the respect that SVTC Technologies has gained worldwide, that companies of the caliber of Roth & Rau have chosen to join our Silicon Valley Photovoltaic Development Center at its inception,” said Laetz. “Being able to offer an automated solar cell manufacturing line, as well as crucial certification services, will be extremely valuable for manufacturers of new solar products.”

“SVTC Solar is providing a vital piece of the solar energy puzzle in the U.S., and we immediately recognized the importance of being a partner in their venture from the beginning,” said Dietmar Roth, CEO of Roth & Rau AG. “We are pleased to bring our solar cell manufacturing equipment and extensive industry expertise to this exciting new photovoltaic development center and using it as our North American demonstration showroom.”

JA Solar has also signed a letter of intent to locate its North American research and development operations in the Silicon Valley Photovoltaic Development Center.

“We are very impressed with the Silicon Valley Photovoltaic Development Center’s facilities, services and goals,” said Dr. Kang Sun, President and COO of JA Solar. “We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the center and with SVTC Solar, which we expect will result in our ability to develop exciting new products for our customers worldwide.”

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