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Q-Cells closes sale of 40MW PV projects to DIF, NIBC joint venture Blue Forrest Solar Holding


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Q-Cells closed the sale of its Finsterwalde II and III PV power plants to Blue Forrest Solar Holding, a joint venture formed between DIF Infrastructure (DIF) and the NIBC European Infrastructure Fund (NIBC). The two plants have a combined installed capacity of 40MWp, which when added with the Finsterwalde I PV power plant Q-Cells sold in 2010, leads the entire site to have an 82MWp installed capacity.

Finsterwalde II and III include 171,888 crystalline solar modules on a 237.7 acre site that used to be an opencast lignite mine. Q-Cells supplied and installed its solar modules on the plants, which were connected to the grid in September 2010. Under a long-term contract, Q-Cells will continue to manage the operation and maintenance of the plants.

“The Finsterwalde solar PV projects build on our experience in the renewable energy infrastructure sector,” commented Darren Kyte, managing director of NIBC Infrastructure Partners. “This will be our fourth acquisition of an operational renewable energy infrastructure asset during the last 12 months. The acquisition will increase our PV portfolio to 86MWp in Europe, and our total renewables exposure to almost 200MWp across operational wind, solar and waste-to-energy assets.”


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    Forecasting the evolution of a young, dynamic industry is by definition an uncertain business, and solar is no exception. Rarely, if ever, do the numbers broadcast by any of the various bodies involved in the PV prediction game tally, and even historical deployment rates remain the subject of hot debate. The paradox is that getting forecasts broadly right is going to become increasingly important over the next few years, particularly for those involved in producing the equipment that will support whatever levels of demand come to pass.



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