Sungrow connects its first 1500V PV installation to grid

The project was developed in Xinjiang Province, China. Image: Sungrow

PV inverter manufacturer Sungrow has connected its first 1500V PV installations to the grid – opening up to the next stage of the project.

With a total of 30MW of installed capacity, the site in Xinjiang Province, China, utilises a mixed system comprised of both 1000V and 1500V. When compared to the 1000V system, the 1500V system is able to reduce nearly 20% of cable costs, creating a lower cost of nearly US$3 cents per watt.

The increase to direct voltage at 1500V also helps bolster efficiencies by allowing modules to be connected in every string and cutting the amount of cabling.

Professor Cao Renxian, CEO of Sungrow, said: “The 1000V and 1500V solutions Sungrow provided in this case are designed using simplified systems that are easy to maintain once installed. They are based on Sungrow’s 20-year expertise in solar technology and our commitment to providing the best quality for our customers. With over 35% of our personnel in R&D, we are committed to technical innovation which enables us to grow rapidly." 

Solar products incorporating 1500V architecture are expected to expand within the market over the next few years, with GTM Research predicting that the deployment of 1500V systems will explode in 2017 before becoming the industry standard.

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