Azuray includes a Linux-based embedded database in its solar power optimization products



McObject’s ‘eXtremeDB’ Fusion embedded database system, a Linux-based device for solar power optimization, is being integrated with Azuray Technologies' DC-to-DC converters for “smart” solar modules. Azuray needed a small, fast embedded database management system (DBMS) in its communications gateway but building a DBMS from scratch would be costly and take considerable development time.


PV module manufacturer are focusing on distributed electronics to increase solar energy generation efficiency and wring more juice from the sun's rays. A potential limitation in this type of energy generation is that when just one solar panel's productivity is hindered — by shade, mismatch and other obstructions — the decrease in power generation is multiplied across multiple panels. Azuray's maximum power point tracking (MPPT) DC-to-DC converter technology uses embedded software to offset the effect of these environmental conditions and increase the amount of solar energy generated.


eXtremeDB Fusion offers hybrid storage: different record types can be designated for storage in RAM or on persistent media (flash, in this case). Some of the gateway’s data, particularly on solar panel performance, is inherently transient. Storing it in memory reduces wear on the flash device. The gateway applications do not need the database server mechanism that is part and parcel of many DBMS. eXtremeDB forgoes client/server architecture, instead offering an in-process model in which database functions are embedded directly in application code. Azuray’s gateway gains performance, and reduces memory and CPU demands, by eliminating interprocess communication and other client/server overhead. It also minimizes the amount of RAM and flash memory required on each communications gateway, resulting in a lower per-unit manufacturing cost.


Power optimization/ energy harvest enhancement products for ‘smart’ solar modules.


McObject offers data management technology that makes applications and devices smarter, more reliable and more cost-effective to develop and maintain.


Azuray expects to offer the enhancement in 2011.

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