BioSolar extends BioBacksheet line



BioSolar has announced plans for an extended line of BioBacksheets used to protect PV modules compatible with conventional c-Si PV modules. BioSolar bio-based backsheet materials are made from renewable plant sources that reduce the cost of solar modules and eliminate the need for dangerous toxins found in petroleum based backsheets.

Manufacturers of these modules will now have two BioBacksheet options, depending on their durability and cost requirements. The first option for conventional c-Si module manufacturers will be a multi-layer BioBacksheet-C for conventional applications, the second a new mono-layer BioBacksheet product line for premium applications. These products have been developed to meet the existing and future direct needs of BioSolar’s potential customers.

“As the global demand for solar energy continues to increase, BioSolar is uniquely positioned to replace conventional petroleum-based backsheets for c-Si PV modules which represent more than 70% of the PV module market,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. “Though it is generally expected to take time for a brand new PV component like BioBacksheet to reach a revenue stage, a complete line up of BioBacksheets will not only help BioSolar achieve meaningful revenue more rapidly, but expanding our line to better suit the practical and economical needs of manufacturers is yet another example of how BioSolar is innovating to make solar power a more viable and eco-friendlier alternative energy option.”

BioSolar aims to provide manufacturers with various backsheet grades with corresponding price points to accommodate both the durability and economic requirements of each solar panel manufacturer.

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