Enecsys offers 360W dual micro-inverter that maintains individual MPPT



Enecsys has launched the ‘Enecsys Duo micro-inverter,’ claiming it is the world's highest power density micro-inverter with dimensions of 262 x 160 x 35mm. Designated the SMI-D360W-72, it is designed to reduce system costs whilst supporting fully independent power point tracking of two connected photovoltaic modules.


Systems suffer from dramatic reductions in output when modules are mismatched or when one PV module, or part of a module, suffers from lower output due to shading caused by trees, chimneys or debris on its surface. These are some of the most significant problems in conventional systems employing string inverters.


When adopting the Enecsys micro-inverter solar PV architecture, systems do not suffer from dramatic reductions in output. The DC power generated by the two modules is converted into a single, grid-compliant AC output. System layout and planning is simplified and installation time and costs are reduced because only half the number of micro-inverters is needed for each system. Solar PV systems using the Enecsys Duo will have comparable capital costs to those using string inverters but are claimed to deliver 5% to 20% more energy. The degree of improvement in energy harvest depends on the installation configuration and the operating environment. Solar modules connected to the Enecsys Duo do not need to be matched or be located on the same plane. They can be oriented in different directions to maximize usable roof space without impacting overall system performance.


Residential and small-scale industrial PV module installations.


The Enecsys Duo micro-inverter has 95% peak efficiency and 93% Euro efficiency. The Enecsys Duo micro-inverter is based on the same patented technology employed in other Enecsys micro-inverters and maintains full performance from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C. Reliability has been verified using HALT, HASS and accelerated life tests to IEC61215, the same methodology used to test solar PV modules. The Enecsys Duo comes with a 20-year limited warranty.


Available in Europe.

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