Global Solar Energy claims new CIGS performance and manufacturing figures



Global Solar Energy has claimed that in December, 2007 it became the first Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) thin-film solar manufacturer to achieve an average of 10 percent solar cell efficiency on a flexible substrate over ‘several production runs.’

“A number of CIGS thin film companies have exceeded 10 percent efficiency in the lab or in individual cells, but achieving 10 percent average solar cell efficiency over the course of several sustained, continuous production runs is a significant achievement,” said Dr. Jeffrey Britt, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology at GSE. “This is the culmination of three full years of being in production and evolving our proprietary production techniques to continuously improve the efficiency and output of our production.”

The CIGS manufacturer said that it also manufactured and shipped 4MW of photovoltaic products worldwide in 2007, which was a new record for the company since starting production in 2004.



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