N-type cell efficiency race continues as JinkoSolar sets new record of 25.25%

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Robot assembly at one of JinkoSolar’s production facilities. Image: JinkoSolar

JinkoSolar has achieved a new record efficiency for a large-area n-type TOPCon monocrystalline solar cell, taking its efficiency to 25.25%.  

The ‘Solar Module Super League’ (SMSL) manufacturer said it had recorded a maximum conversion efficiency of 25.25%, a new record for a contact-passivated solar cell, a performance independently confirmed by China’s National Institute of Metrology.

Jinko said it was third time the manufacturer had set a new efficiency record in this field in less than a year, having achieved an efficiency of 24.9% in January. It tops the previous efficiency record of 25.09% set by LONGi last month, which was the first time an n-type TOPCon cell produced an efficiency rating beyond 25%.

Jinko achieved the record by making a number of upgrades to the cell process and fabrication of Czochralski silicon substrates, using a practical cell size of 267.4cm2. Further advancements were made to the manufacturer’s n-type wafer, passivating contract technologies, diffusion system, surface passivation, cell metallisation and other technologies.

The company added that the breakthrough also paved the way for the mass production of n-type TOPCon cells to take hold.

Hao Jin, chief technology officer at JinkoSolar, said each milestone recorded by the company was testament to its R&D capabilities.

Investment in n-type solar cell technologies and production efforts has continued to rise and PV Tech’s in-house market research team has forecasted them to dominate solar industry spending from 2024 onwards, with n-type cell capacity to exceed 15GW by the end of this year.

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