Acciona and UDP will co-deploy the new 43.7MW duo after partnering for a first 57.6MW plant (Credit: Acciona)

Acciona and UDP will co-deploy the new 43.7MW duo after partnering for a first 57.6MW plant (Credit: Acciona)

Acciona Energy is to deploy its second utility-scale PV scheme in Ukraine alongside UDP Renewables, the same developer it partnered with for its solar debut in the country.

The deal sealed between both firms foresees the deployment of 43.7MW across two plants in the Odesa region, in Ukraine’s southwest.

Work got underway this week to build both plants – equipped with fixed-structure polycrystalline silicon panels – before the end of the year, Acciona and UDP said.

Gudzovka–Solar, planned by the city of Izmail, will boast 26MW of peak capacity and 19.8MW in rated capacity terms. At 17.7MW (peak) and 13.5MW (rated), Arcyz-Solar – near the town of Pavlivka – will be slightly smaller.

The duo, Acciona and UDP explained, will require total investments of €30.6 million (US$34.21 million) and will generate, once completed, a joint 55GWh in electricity.

In Ukraine, both plants will sit alongside 57.6MW Dymerka PVPP, Acciona’s maiden PV project in the country. Financed with some US$64 million, the plant is meant to come online this year.

Vasyl Khmelnytsky, who founded UDP’s private equity parent UFuture Investment Group, said this week Acciona brings not only capital but also “best practices and highest standards.”

“The latter is essential for the burgeoning market, especially if you consider that Ukraine has a long way to go,” Khmelnytsky remarked.

Ukraine, home to a 2GW-plus PV sector as of late 2018, is becoming a target for global developers as it prepares a shift from feed-in tariffs to deregulated auctions.

TIU Canada, another name active in the former Soviet republic, recently discussed with PV Tech the factors – strong irradiation, grid constraints, manufacturing strength, the war with Russia – that will shape Ukraine’s journey towards subsidy-free solar.

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