Iran plans to build a 50MW solar power plant on its border with Armenia, according to reports by the state news agency. 

A hydro power plant is currently under construction close to the border with Armenia, where the 50MW solar power plant will be developed by Iranian firms.

IRNA quoted, Ali Reza Daemi head of the Iranian delegation of  the Iran-Armenia joint Economic Cooperation Commission. He said Armenia is a good neighbour with whom Iran plans to strengthen its relations. Daemi is also planning minister at the Iranian energy ministry.

A 400kW electrical line is also on the agenda for Iran. There is currently a 230kW transfer of electricity between Iran and Armenia. Daemi said, the lines are not sufficient and a higher capacity is needed to fulfil demand.

Daemi added that there is interaction between Iran and Turkey in the field of energy and that Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan all import power from Iran.

Long-term, Daemi highlighted Iran’s 600MW project announced in London last week, which will be built in stages for the next three years. 

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