PV project developers, Euro Solar Power Private Limited and Aatash Power Pvt. Ltd., selected Renewable Energy Corporation’s (REC) ‘Peak Energy’ modules for separate projects totalling 10MW.

REC said it supplied 21,520 of its Peak Energy solar panels to Euro Solar Power Private Limited and an additional 20,480 solar panels to Aatash Power Pvt. Ltd for two projects in Gujarat, India.

“The historic blackout in India in late July 2012 identified the main problems of energy supply in India: a strong focus on fossil fuels and the centralized grid,” explained Luc Graré, Senior Vice President Solar Sales and Marketing, REC. “Renewable energy, especially solar electricity solutions, are needed to power India’s future because solar energy is available when needed – during peak hours.”

According to REC, the cost of a unit power from an off-grid solar system is in the range of €0.14 - €0.16 per kWh in comparison with diesel generators costing between €0.23 – €0.25 per kWh.