An early array in Saudi Arabia. Credit: Suntech.

An early array in Saudi Arabia. Credit: Suntech.

Saudi Arabia has launched the second round of its solar power tender programme with a request for proposals for 1.5GW of solar.

The capacity is split up between seven projects ranging from 20MW to 600MW.

Initial expressions of interest in participating in the tender are required by 14 February 2019.

Bidding on a further +700MW will be opened later in the year.

The Kingdom is aiming to install 40GW of solar by 2030.

The first phase was the 300MW Sakaka project, won by ACWA Power.

The seven projects are listed below:

Madinah Solar PV IPP 50MW
Rafha Solar PV IPP45MW
Qurayyat Solar PV IPP 200MW
Al Faisaliah Solar PV IPP 600MW
Rabigh Solar PV IPP 300MW
Jeddah Solar PV IPP 300MW
Mahd AlDahab Solar PV IPP 20MW

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