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This is the latest issue of PV Tech's COVID-19 tracker. See links ahead to browse our archives for all news and developments for January 2020 – 29 March 2020 and 30 March – 5 April.

Over its first few months of existence, the COVID-19 crisis has already wreaked major havoc across the world, and the solar industry has not been immune.

From hampered flows of raw materials for manufacturers to component delays for developers, both upstream and downstream PV players have already felt the weight of the pandemic as it continues its global trek, infecting hundreds of thousands and sparking talk of a worldwide recession.

Only time can confirm what the long-term implications will be from what remains a still-maturing crisis. For now, however, PV Tech will keep an eye on reports on the ground and sound out industry players to share here the latest news and developments as they come, starting with the most recent. 

If you have a COVID-19 statement to share or a story on how the pandemic is disrupting a solar business anywhere in the world, do get in touch at jrojo@solarmedia.co.uk or lstoker@solarmedia.co.uk.

Our sister titles Energy.Storage.News and Solar Power Portal have also launched similar trackers to map out COVID-19 impacts on the energy storage sector and the UK solar industry.  

SNEC 2020 rearranged for mid-October

9 April 2020: SNEC 2020 will now take place from 10 – 12 October 2020 and at a new venue, the exhibition’s organisers have confirmed.

The new date emerges after the Shanghai New Energy Industry Association confirmed that the event’s 2020 edition had been postponed from its original May dates, given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Wood Mackenzie lowers global solar demand forecast on COVID-19 impact

9 April 2020: Consultancy Wood Mackenzie has cited project delays and financial fallout as it slashed  its pre-pandemic 2020 global solar installation forecast by 18% from 129.5GW to 106.4GW.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Analysts’ view on 2020 solar growth, pre- and post-coronavirus

Consultancy Forecasts of 2020 global solar growth pre-COVID Forecasts of 2020 global solar growth post-COVID
Wood Mackenzie 129.5GW 106.4GW
IHS Markit ~120GW 105GW
BloombergNEF 121GW-152GW 108GW-143GW
Source: Wood Mackenzie, IHS Markit, BloombergNEF

India postpones roll-out of approved manufacturer list for state-backed solar

9 April 2020: India has granted its solar industry the latest lifeline in a series since the COVID-19 outbreak first emerged, acting to delay the introduction of a list of approved PV manufacturers.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

COVID-19: Manz to restart manufacturing operations in Germany

9 April 2020: PV and electronics equipment manufacturing and automation specialist Manz AG is planning to resume manufacturing operations at its German sites after the Easter break, having closed three weeks ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Global solar project M&A activity immune to pandemic impacts in Q1 – Mercom

9 April 2020: Mercom Capital Group has found PV project M&A flows were the only bright spot in the global solar funding in Q1 2020, as corporate project funding sharply declined year-on-year.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Argentina moves to include energy plant construction in essential activity list

9 April 2020: The Argentinian government has acted to incorporate the private construction of energy infrastructure to its list of essential activities and services during the COVID-19 crisis.

The move opens the door for solar operators to resume construction works, bringing a reprieve for a country that witnessed delays with its top PV project – 300MW Cauchari – due to the pandemic.

See here to read the Argentinian government’s decision and here for PV Tech's prior coverage on the Cauchari project

NESF to resume UK subsidy-free work ‘shortly’ as pandemic effects are downplayed

9 April 2020: UK solar investor NextEnergy Solar Fund will resume construction of its subsidy-free pipeline “shortly” after insisting the COVID-19 outbreak is having a minimal impact on its operations.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

PODCAST: Solar’s COVID-19 fightback, surging upstream commitments and the rise of flexibility

9 April 2020: This month’s episode of the Solar Media Podcast is now available to listen to, featuring stories of how the clean energy economy is responding to the COVID-19 crisis and analysis of how it might change the industry.

Solar Media’s Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe also discuss fluctuating power demand across the world and how this is given yet further rise to flexibility.

The podcast can be streamed below:

EIA: Economic headwinds may stunt US utility-scale solar growth by 10%

9 April 2020: New official stats have come to underscore the shadow the COVID-19 emergency may cast over US renewables, expected to take a hit despite remaining the fastest growing power source.

On Tuesday, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) slashed its US solar and wind growth forecasts for 2020 in light of the pandemic, amid claims the economic slowdown will affect the construction of new-builds over the next few months

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Spain’s Grenergy to give away 400,000 masks for Latin American countries

9 April 2020: Spanish renewable developer Grenergy has commissioned the production of 400,000 sanitary masks it will donate to Latin American countries fighting the COVID-19 crisis.

The move by the green energy player – which boasts solar projects in both Latin America and its home country of Spain – follows its decision to donate protective gear to Madrid workers last week.S

See here to read Grenergy’s statement and here for PV Tech’s coverage of the firm’s latest PV moves

Green energy reps lobby against Chile’s power bill reprieve

9 April 2020: Seven members of Chilean green energy association ACERA have urged the country not to impair renewable growth as it seeks to shelter citizens from the COVID-19 crisis.

A letter mentioned by Chilean outlet La Tercera was reportedly signed by Atlas Renewable Energy, Acciona, First Solar and others, who all voiced unease over Chile’s move to freeze power bill prices.

The government’s decision may “hurt Chile’s standing” among investors and could lead to prices spiking up if project bids are held back and the market concentrates as a result, the letter warned.

See here to read La Tercera’s story in full

Solar water heaters support Somaliland’s only children hospital

9 April 2020: A medical centre treating children at the time of the COVID-19 crisis in Somaliland has managed to cut costs by tapping into UN-financed solar water heaters.

The hospital in the city of Hargeisa, serving communities and refugee camps in Somaliland and beyond, faced “very expensive” bills for hot water before the systems were rolled out.

Interviewed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), hospital staff said the savings from the solar system had been reinvested in medicine purchases and the hiring of cleaners.

See here to find out more about the UNDP-funded solar water heaters in Somaliland

UNDP's solar water heaters brought savings to the hospital treating children from communities and refugee camps in Somaliland and beyond. Image credit: Screen capture from UNDP video

Redavia to offer African businesses free solar for six months

9 April 2020: Ghanaian and Kenyan companies will be able to rent solar systems free-of-charge for six months to protect supply during the COVID-19 crisis, under a scheme by industry player Redavia.

The so-called COVID-19 Resilience Lease – already requested by a fisheries group and a hotel – will allow businesses to decide, once the six-month window closes, whether they are keeping the lease.

If the lease is not renewed, Redavia will redeploy the solar systems elsewhere. “We pledge to be a true friend to our business partners in this time of need,” said the firm’s founder Erwin Spolders

See here to read Redavia's statement in full

Solar financier SCF offers ‘$0 cost’ PPA to firms looking to invest in PV

9 April 2020: Sustainable Capital Finance will provide what it describes as a “[US]$0 cost’ PPA to companies investing in their own solar systems at the time of the COVID-19 crisis.

The financier recently said it will maintain the zero-cost provision over the PPA’s first year, in a bid to help firms “retain employees and pay expenses” until the US economy bounces back

See here to read SCF’s statement in full

India urged to reimagine its power grid and tap into 'shockingly cheap' renewables

9 April 2020: India should turn to ‘shockingly cheap’ hybrids of solar and wind alongside energy storage as it redesigns its grid following the COVID-19 crisis, storage specialist Fluence has said.

“Battery storage will be critical in making our generation mix cleaner, our power system more flexible to handle ramping needs and variability,” said India market director Rupam Raja in a recent Linkedin post.

See here to read Rupam Raja’s article in full

“For the post-COVID era, India must seek to add more flexibility into the electricity system to make it more resilient and agile, integrate more renewables in the generation mix and reduce energy costs without risking grid stability”—Rupam Raja, Indian market director at Fluence

Confined citizens help count solar panels amid wave of home science projects

9 April 2020: Citizens forced to stay home worldwide over the COVID-19 crisis are helping university researchers track down solar panels, outlet Climate Home reports.

Dan Stowell, lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London, told the publication that volunteers are being enlisted to crowdsource information on the location of small-scale PV plants through OpenStreetMap, to help improve the data that is then used to forecast solar growth.

See here to read the Climate Home story in full

Development financier: Crisis creates chance to ‘tilt to green’

9 April 2020: EBRD economists have called for a linking of COVID-19 stimulus plans to the green economy, warning that a failure to support sustainable ventures now would be a “lost opportunity”.

See here to read the EBRD’s report in full

Findings of permitting slowdown underscore ‘severe damage’ to US solar

9 April 2020: US solar body the SEIA has circulated an analysis by consultancy Ohm Analytics indicating a drop in solar licenses as the COVID-19 crisis tightens its grip on the US.

The figures suggest the permitting of solar projects slowed down by 30 to 40% in badly-hit states including New York and California across the last three weeks of March, compared to the three weeks prior.

See here to read SEIA’s statement in full

ADB may back non-Chinese solar manufacturing to strengthen Asia’s ecosystem

8 April 2020: Asia’s leading development bank may support the setting up of PV manufacturing beyond China, in a bid to minimise the reliance on Beijing laid bare by the COVID-19 crisis.

“The pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the solar energy value chain in Asia and the Pacific, but there are ways to strengthen it so the low-carbon energy transition can continue” said Zhai, the head of ADB’s Energy Sector Group, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department.

See here to read PV Tech’s story in full and here to access PV Tech’s interview with the ADB last year

Spanish energy giants join forces to sponsor entech, green start-ups

8 April 2020: Acciona, Iberdrola, BP and others will pool resources and staff to support start-ups in fields including energy, sustainability and digitisation, in a scheme dubbed Positive Energy+.

See here to read Acciona’s statement and here to learn more about the Positive Energy+ initiative.

Global Solar Council survey to ask operators worldwide to map out COVID-19 impacts

8 April 2020: Solar players affected by the worldwide COVID-19 crisis can report the impacts they have seen so far as part of a new survey, launched today by the Global Solar Council.

The Council said it wants to “gather critical information” on the pandemic's implications with its fact-finding mission, amid plans to unveil the results of the survey on 23 April.

See here for GSC’s statement and here to take part in the Council’s survey

Sunrun confirms ‘workforce reductions’ amid reports of sizeable layoffs

8 April 2020: As reported by PV Tech, US residential solar specialist Sunrun recently announced it was pulling its 2020 guidance and enacting cost-cutting measures to weather the COVID-19 crisis.

The firm – whose Q1 2020 installs of 97.4MW were positively viewed by analysts – was asked by this publication about reports on Business Insider that it has let go around 100 staff and furloughed at least 65 more.

This was the response from a Sunrun spokesperson:

“Sunrun’s priority is the health and safety of our employees and customers as we continue to provide a critical electricity and storage service to households nationwide.

“The necessary public health response to COVID-19 has required we make a reduction to certain parts of our workforce. As the public health responses ease, we hope to bring back as many impacted employees as quickly as possible.”

See here to read PV Tech’s full coverage on Sunrun’s COVID-19 response so far

Tesla aims for comeback on 4 May after furloughing staff, slashing pay – Reuters

8 April 2020: Tesla has acted to furlough staff and slash employee wages but plans to resume operations on 4 May after halting factories in California and New York, Reuters has reported, citing internal company emails.

See here to read the Reuters story in full

IRENA: World can’t afford isolated decision-making in an era of intertwined crises

8 April 2020: Global green energy body IRENA has called on the world’s policymakers to align COVID-19 relief efforts with medium- and long-term challenges such as climate change.

In a recent statement, director-general Francesco La Camera said the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement can be a “compass” for a “disorienting period”.

The message comes hours after IRENA published its annual update on renewable growth, showing solar dominated again in a year when green energy accounted for 72% of all energy additions.

See here to read La Camera’s statement in full and here for PV Tech’s coverage of IRENA’s update of global renewable growth in 2019

“Stimulus and recovery packages can also accelerate the shift to sustainable, decarbonised economies and resilient inclusive societies … As the current crisis makes clear, we can no longer afford to make policy decisions and investments in isolation amid elaborately intertwined social, economic and environmental challenges”—Francesco La Camera, director-general of IRENA

Renewables set for growth even as oil firms ‘collapse’ – New York Times

8 April 2020: Solar and wind will continue growing even as oil majors are hit by the plunge in barrel prices brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York Times said in a recent piece.

See here to read the New York Times article in full

French solar auction winner highlights ‘critical’ role of agri-PV in challenging times

8 April 2020: French renewable operator Voltalia has underscored the importance of PV-backed farming after lining up auction contracts for a new agri-voltaics project.

A government tender for agri-PV plants recently awarded support to a 3MW project by the firm, which will install bifacial panels across orchards of apricot, peach and cherry trees near Marseille.

“We are also thinking about the challenges of tomorrow by strengthening our ties with the agricultural world, whose critical role is evident today,“ said Voltalia CEO Sébastien Clerc.

Voltalia also bagged contracts under different, simultaneously-held auction modalities, including a solar car park (1.4MW) and two self-consumption projects (1.2MW all in all) atop stores.

See here to read Voltalia's statement and here for PV Tech's coverage of the French solar auction results

Colombia outlines guidelines for energy sector workers

8 April 2020: The Colombian government has laid out various guidelines for energy sector workers so that installation, transport and working shifts can continue whilst minimising COVID-19 cases.

See here to read the Colombian government’s statement in full

Brazilian electricity sector talks system resilience in video call led by COVID-recovering minister

8 April 2020: Brazilian electricity sector operators recently gathered to discuss measures to reinforce the country's power infrastructure at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some 50 business leaders joined ANEEL and other energy sector regulators at a videoconference led by Energy minister Bento Albuquerque, who tested positive for the virus in mid-March.

See here to read the Brazilian government’s statement in full

Texan solar and wind players urge lawmakers for support – reports

8 April 2020: US renewable developers are asking authorities for relief measures after the industry was left out of the two-trillion-US-dollar bipartisan COVID-19 aid package.

Citing analysis by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Texas Business Coalition recently noted authorities of the Lone Star state can help solar and wind firms through property tax abatements.

See here to read TBC’s report and here for PV Tech’s coverage on the US$2trn COVID-19 aid package

Nigeria activates emergency programme to roll out solar across healthcare centres

8 April 2020: Nigeria’s Rural Electrification Agency (REA) has kickstarted a plan to power COVID-19 healthcare and isolation centres with solar, the Daily Trust reports.

According to the Nigerian outlet, the country’s Power minister Saleh Mamman has directed REA to oversee the installation of home solar systems and solar mini grids to guarantee power supply.

See here to read the Daily Trust story in full

Sunrun posts Q1 2020 installs of 97.4MW amid reports of layoffs

7 April 2020: US residential solar firm Sunrun has posted Q1 2020 installs largely in line with earlier quarters despite the COVID-19 crisis, pulling its 2020 guidance as reports emerge of sizeable layoffs.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Lessons from the COVID-19 outbreak: Managing global supply chains amid uncertainty

7 April 2020: Andy Klump, chief executive officer of Clean Energy Associates, has penned an article for PV Tech where he examines the lessons the solar industry can learn from the COVID-19 outbreak.

The crisis, writes the founder of the Shanghai-based consultancy, will force all sectors to reassess their supply chain risks. However, renewables are likely to see continued demand, he adds.

“The economic recovery, when it comes – and it will – may be quick and V-shaped, or drawn-out and U- or L-shaped. In either scenario, the world will certainly need more clean energy,” Klump says.

See here to read Andy Klump’s guest blog in full

“Firms that obtain their equipment from convoluted overseas supply chains can learn from corporate investors, now seeking to reduce the volatility in their stock portfolios. Risk reduction is a rational response to irrational times”—Andy Klump, chief executive officer of Clean Energy Associates

Indian solar deployment faces 25% drop in 2020 due to pandemic – WoodMac

7 April 2020: Indian solar will be “hit hard” by coronavirus-triggered disruption due to labour shortages and its reliance on PV imports from China, according to Wood Mackenzie.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Australian states’ solar-plus-storage plans set example that ‘all of country should follow’

7 April 2020: Australian state governments of Western Australia and the Northern Territory have budgeted for measures to support renewables in the past few days, primarily through supporting batteries at large-scale, residential and community level.

See here to read the full story on PV Tech’s sister title Energy-Storage.News

Pandemic drives sizeable year-on-year CO2 emission cuts in Portugal – think tank

7 April 2020: The onset of the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent economic wind-down have combined to slash CO2 emissions in Portugal over the month of March, according to new analysis by Zero.

The think tank analysed official data and estimated CO2 output dropped by a daily 52,000 tonnes compared to March 2019, with renewables upping their production share from 64.2% to 73.5%.

See here to read Zero’s statement in full and here for PV Tech’s coverage on how COVID-19 is impacting the climate trajectory of another European market, Germany

Pay-as-you-go solar powers children education as Kenya shuts down schools

7 April 2020: Students sent home as Kenya closes down schools due to the COVID-19 outbreak will continue their studies remotely with solar’s assistance.

Specialist Azuri Technologies said its off-grid solutions are helping extend access to government-broadcast TV and radio lessons across homes isolated from the grid.

“We want to do all we can to ensure that children in rural Kenya are not left behind in terms of learning progress due to the crisis facing the nation and the world,” said CEO Simon Bransfield-Garth.

See here to read Azuri’s statement in full

Off-grid solar could help keep lights on for children provided with up to eight hours of daily lessons through TV and radio. Image credit: Azuri Technologies

Solar project applications on the rise in Chilean southern region despite COVID-19

7 April 2020: Local reports indicate Chile’s Bío Bío region recorded over a dozen new energy project applications in March, many of them solar.

The PV application influx – achieved as the COVID-19 pandemic spread through Chile – could see the industry power alone up to three entire municipalities, according to Diario Concepción.

See here to read Diario Concepción’s story in full

Texas 'in love' with solar amid pandemic-driven global oil price rout – Financial Times

7 April 2020: Solar projects are “booming” across Texas areas including the Permian Basin as the state grapples with COVID-19 concerns and oil price volatility, the Financial Times reports.

See here to read the Financial Times’ story in full

Iberdrola donates blankets amid €22.1m purchase of medical supplies

7 April 2020: Spanish utility giant Iberdrola is to give away 8,000 blankets to field hospitals and homes for the elderly, coupled with the €22.1 million worth of ventilators and other medical goods.

See here to read Iberdrola’s statement in full and here for PV Tech’s coverage on how COVID-19 is impacting the firm’s solar work

Some 5,500 of the total 8,000 blankets are already being delivered, while the €22.1m worth of medical supplies will be transferred in mid-April, Iberdrola said. Image credit: Iberdrola.

Spanish solar enthusiast Audax keeps BBB- rating following launch of COVID-19 plan

7 April 2020: Spanish energy distributor Audax Renovables has maintained its BBB- investment grade rating after analysts assessed its contingency plans for the COVID-19 crisis.

Reviewed by consultancy Axesor, Audax – which saw a profitability boost last year after a strategic shift to the PV segment – was found to be in a “financially solid” position, the company claimed.

The distributor argued its contingency plans will help it remain financially solvent even if the “more pessimistic scenarios” envisaged for the pandemic come to pass.

See here to read Audax’s new statement and here for PV Tech’s coverage of the firm’s 2019 highlights

New York’s economic relief plan to back ‘rapid transition to clean renewable energy’

6 April 2020: Badly hit by the COVID-19 crisis, New York State is betting on a “dramatic” speeding up of clean energy project construction as a pillar of its plans for economic comeback.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

PV makers’ expansion moves top 500GW despite COVID-19’s shadow

6 April 2020: In PV Tech’s top story today, analysis by this publication shows PV makers announced over Q1 2020 expansion plans that easily surpass any previously recorded in the industry’s history.

According to preliminary data, upstream manufacturing capacity expansion announcements in the first quarter of 2020, across ingot/wafer, solar cell and module assembly segments combined, exceeded a staggering 500GW.

See here to read this PV Tech story in full

The findings of 500GW expansion plans announced in Q1 2020 compare to the 228GW PV Tech had recorded for 2019 as a whole. Image credit: Solar Media

China’s energy storage industry hopes for rebound in second half of 2020

6 April 2020: A survey on COVID-19 impacts for China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) members has underscored their faith in recovery prospects, despite fears over short-term effects.

See here to read the full story on PV Tech’s sister title Energy-Storage.News

UK community solar sector provides £100,000 for local COVID-19 support

6 April 2020: UK COVID-19 crisis funds will be offered £100,000 (US$122,000) raised by community-owned solar projects from surplus generation, PV Tech’s sister title Solar Power Portal reports.

See here to read the Solar Power Portal story in full

E.On becomes second major UK supplier to furlough staff in response to COVID-19

6 April 2020: E.On has joined OVO in announcing sweeping furloughing measures for employees, applying the status to 3,000 of its own staff and a further 1,000 staff at npower.

See here to read the full story on PV Tech’s sister title Current±

COVID-19 no obstacle for Greece’s price-smashing renewable tender

6 April 2020: The global pandemic did not prevent Athens from awarding 503MW of support via a technology-neutral tender dominated by PV, which produced prices below the 5-euro-cent mark.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Top three solar winners of Greece’s tech-neutral auction

Project company name Location Capacity Price
ILIAKO VELOS ENA S.A. Eordaea, Kozani 200MW €0.04911/kWh
EMV Α.Ε. Evrota 70MW €0.05068/kWh
HELIOTHEMA ENERGY S.A. Thebes 42MW €0.05087/kWh
Source: RAE

ACWA donates US$13.3 million to Saudi COVID-19 efforts

6 April 2020: Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power has pledged SAR50 million (US$13.3 million) to support the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the solar developer and investor revealed today.

The donation, which was made to “support national health endeavors and efforts” enacted by the Kingdom last week, follows similar investments and pledges of aid made by solar firms last week.

“In light of the urgency of the matter, we at ACWA Power believe it is crucial to do what we can to support the community and demonstrate our social commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” Mohammad bin Abdullah Abunayyan, chairman at ACWA Power, said.

Meyer Burger extends short-time working to Swiss operations

6 April 2020: PV manufacturing equipment specialist Meyer Burger has extended short-time working initiatives across its two sites in Switzerland to shave costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Australia’s Northern Territory sponsors solar-plus-batteries for homes and businesses

6 April 2020: Australia’s Northern Territory will offer grants and feed-in tariffs to increase uptake of solar alongside storage batteries, amid claims the measures will set the scene for a “rebound” from the COVID-19 crisis.

See here to read the Northern Territory government release in full

“Doing whatever it takes to save lives from coronavirus means throwing the kitchen sink at saving jobs and preparing the Territory for the rebound. I’m backing Territorians, solar and lower prices to get it done – we have a bright future if we all stick together”—Northern Territory chief minister Michael Gunner

Spanish solar hits historic generation record in month of lockdown

6 April 2020: Spain’s PV players broke their own records in a month when the country ground to a halt under quarantining measures, according to new official figures.

As it published PV generation figures of 1.049TWh for March 2020, grid operator REE commented: “Solar is already flexing muscles and anticipating something – that this will be a good summer.”

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Analyst: Smaller size of India's rooftop players makes them more vulnerable

6 April 2020: Small-sized rooftop solar players in India may lack the financial firepower to absorb any hits created by the COVID-19 crisis, analysts have told The Economic Times.

See here to read The Economic Times' story in full

French green energy reps welcome government’s help against activity standstill

6 April 2020: French green energy association SER has thanked the government for its recent decision to ease construction deadlines, a lifeline as COVID-19 brings deployment to a halt.

See here to read SER’s statement and here for PV Tech’s coverage of France’s recent lifeline to PV players in the country

PV Tech’s resource library

PV Tech has a wealth of in-depth articles and resources to keep you engaged in the solar sector throughout any period of isolation. Every volume of PV Tech Power, our downstream solar PV-focused journal, can be downloaded entirely for free here. We also have a collection of webinars conducted over the last four years which can be viewed on demand here, and an exhaustive list of technical papers from both our own in-house editorial team and esteemed industry professionals, which can be accessed here.

Iberdrola promises €10bn comeback as quarantine freezes Spanish solar work

6 April 2020: The firm behind Europe’s largest solar plant has vowed to scale up investments to help counter the COVID-19 crisis, which has forced them to stop PV construction for the time being.

See here to read the PV Tech story in full

Portugal’s self-styled ‘only renewable energy cooperative’ slashes power tariffs

6 April 2020: Portuguese green energy cooperative Coopérnico will offer customers lower tariffs between 1 April and 30 June to help households facing the COVID-19 crisis, outlet SAPO reports.

See here to read the SAPO story in full

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