Schiller automates junction box assembly for higher reliability and lower cost



Schiller Automation has developed a module production concept known as the Sunriser, which facilitates the realization of production line designs, engineering concepts, and factory plans that have a consistent cost-of-ownership per watt ratio. One of the first aspects of the application to be released is the JBO Junction Box 250–300, which automates and improves the reliable terminal box assembly for both crystalline and thin-film photovoltaic modules.


Rising cost pressures are leading to increased demand for automated concepts in the PV industry. The right automation strategies can also improve product assembly reliability and quality consistency, especially in difficult assembly processes such junction boxes.


The JBO Junction Box 250–300 is a fully automatic process solution for safe and reliable terminal box assembly. The system links the module and junction box to each other in one processing step, almost ‘on the fly.’ Designed for when time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual labour is not available, the SunRiser is claimed to keeps up with the rising degree of automation and higher capacity rates, delivering a high degree of connection quality and functionality over the entire product lifecycle.


Fully automated junction box assembly of both crystalline and thin-film photovoltaic modules.


The system is claimed to have >97% availability and > 99.9% operating yield. Module dimensions of up to 1.1 × 1.7m; scalable machining cycle of between 20 and 90 seconds per module. Floor space requirement is 30m2, which allows the bonding of up to 300MW of modules. The system enables the automatic bonding through spring-clamp connection (so-called crimp technology) eliminating adhesive, solder, flux or sealing material residues.


Currently available. 

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