Schletter develops module cleaning system for commercial rooftop applications



German-based Schletter GmbH has developed a novel cleaning system for PV module rooftop installations. The PVSpin is designed to be operated safely by one person and employs twin rotating brush heads fed with water through a central nozzle. 


The degree of efficiency of a photovoltaic plant does not only depend on the intensity of the sun, but also on the degree of soiling of the modules. The self-cleaning of the photovoltaic modules by rain is possible, however in dusty environments such as on agricultural buildings, regular cleaning reduces energy degradation due to a build-up of soiling material. In most cases, such cleaning operations are carried out using a telescopic rod with a cleaning brush on top of it. Unfortunately, this cleaning method is not suitable for all kinds of photovoltaic plants and is also very time-consuming.


The new cleaning device PvSpin promises more flexibility and economic efficiency. It works on the basis of two cleaning brushes rotating in opposite directions that are only driven by water pressure and remove soiling material in a quick and material-protecting manner. Hard dirt formation is removed by the rotation of the brushes and the filtered water. The guidance along the module frames makes cleaning operations more convenient.


Commercial rooftop PV module power plants.


As the complete device only weighs only about 15kg, it can be let down from the ridge and then can be ergonomically operated by one person. 


From April 2011 onwards.

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