SECI reduces 5GW solar manufacturing tender to 3GW



The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has reduced the manufacturing component of its 5GW solar manufacturing / 10GW of solar deployment tender to just 3GW.

Media reports had cited officials suggesting that the manufacturing capacity could be reduced several weeks ago, but SECI has now confirmed the reduction and changed the title of its tender.

The original tender drew much interest at the EOI stage but after a pre-bid meeting, it became clear that interested parties wanted the manufacturing component reduced to make the prospect more viable and attractive. Indeed, consultancy firm Bridge to India had calculated that just four firms were capable of the capital outlay necessary for such a huge investment.

Analysts have also said that the 10GW of solar capacity would have been tendered in any case. The manufacturing addition was simply the latest attempt by the government to start cultivating a domestic PV manufacturing boom, ahead of its imposition of a safeguard duty on imports from China, Malaysia and developed countries, which is temporarily on hold.

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