Surfect Technologies enters solar equipment market



Surfect Technologies has announced its move to start selling its
single-cell electroplating tool and processes to the solar cell
manufacturing industry, following other semiconductor equipment
suppliers into this rapidly expanding market.

“Our Solar program will be focused on providing critical tools and
process solutions utilizing technology developed to provide the
semiconductor industry cost-efficient, reliable and miniaturized
products,” said Steve Anderson, President and CEO, Surfect
Technologies.  “Our company brings together proven expertise in plating
processes as well as a very efficient process tool critical for
enabling fast ROIC and scaling for high volume manufacturing required
for strong solar industry growth.”

entry into wafer plating for the solar industry is one that allows us
to build on already developed in-house processes traditionally used in
semiconductor processing,” said Steve Cho, CTO of Surfect Technologies.
“Solar cell manufacturers will benefit by using tools and processes,
like the Ascent-200 and Leapfrog-300, which provide advanced levels of
flexibility while keeping costs as low as possible.”

Wafer level packaging miniaturization technology and now solar technology are key strategic business thrusts for Surfect.

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