Turkey eyes 5GW of PV as part of new clean energy strategy



Turkey is targeting 5GW of installed PV by 2023 as part of a new strategy on renewable energy deployment developed with Deloitte and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

A goal of 3GW for PV had previously been mooted as a minimum target through 2023.

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has brought its plans in line with the EU Renewable Energy Directive. It has pledged to have renewables represent 30% of its installed capacity by 2023. This goal has been segmented by technology type with 34GW of hydro, 20GW of wind, 5GW of solar and 1GW each of geothermal and biomass.

Grant-funding from the EBRD enabled the government to bring in consultancy firm Deloitte to work on the plan.

“This action plan is a roadmap to a big change,” said Terry McCallion, EBRD director for energy efficiency and climate change. “The target is ambitious, but with determined and concerted efforts at all levels of government and with the full participation of the industry, Turkey will be able to unlock its green energy potential. This will have a positive impact on businesses, people’s lives and the environment,” added McCallion.

Although the strategy is open to solar PV and concentrated solar technology, formal targets have only been set for PV. Milestones on the way to 2023 include 800MW in 2016 and hitting the 3GW mark in 2019.

The strategy also states that support and incentives for solar in Turkey are not and claims that regulatory issues are the main barrier to PV deployment.

“…Due to the evolution of solar PV technology, the investment cost has dropped during recent years. Therefore, together with the high availability of solar irradiation in Turkey, it would not be necessary to incentivize in the medium term to promote solar PV technology,” the strategy reads.

However, the confirmed 5GW target may disappoint PV project developers and manufacturers as Turkey had been billed over the last few years as one of the most attractive emerging markets remaining in Europe.

“Therefore, rather than the financial aspects, the main barrier to developing solar PV technologies in Turkey is linked to the 600MW limitation introduced in Renewable Energy Law (No. 5346).”

The government can choose to increase this limit but the projected roll-out in the strategy suggests there is little appetite at present to do so.

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