Washington utility Avista launches 200MW hybrid RFP, aims to meet CETA clean energy requirements


The utility is considering clean energy generation, storage and demand-side response solutions in order to meet the state’s clean energy requirements. Image: Avista.

Washington state utility Avista has launched a request for proposals (RFP) for 196MW of winter capacity and 190MW of summer capacity by 2030, with the request also considering storage and demand-side response resources as the utility works to meet the state’s clean energy targets. The deadline for proposals is 25 March.

The energy company is seeking power generation and demand management proposals from bidders, with it also keen to explore the potential of hybrid renewables-plus-storage solutions as part of its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

In 2020, the state of Washington demanded all utilities operating within its borders eliminate coal by 2025 and source 100% of their electricity from renewable or non-carbon-emitting sources by 2045 as part of its Clean Energy Transformation Act (CETA).

The Washington State Department of Commerce and the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) adopted rules for implementing the CETA. By 2030, at least 80% of the electricity that utilities sell in the state must be from renewable sources or non-emitting power, the agencies said, while any use of natural gas generation must be offset by emissions reductions elsewhere.

Avista said its IRP – filed on 1 April 2021 – “reflected a need for new resources to meet requirements of the CETA and future customer peak demand.”

The all-source RFP seeks generation and demand management resources to meet capacity and energy shortfalls between 2026 and 2030 and, as part of it, Avista may bid repowering resources and/or Avista self-builds into the RFP.

In addition, “Avista will consider hybrid proposals including combinations of clean energy, capacity and/or storage” said the company, but will not accept proposals for Renewable Energy Certificates only.

The bidding process is open to parties that currently own, propose to develop, or hold rights to resources meeting Avista’s requirements for energy and capacity, the company said in a statement, adding that those that offer demand-side response services during peak events will be also considered. 

The RFP and bid instructions are available on the Avista website at: myavista.com/allsourcerfp.

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